Learn by reading articles and following the tutorials. By reading, undestanding the ideas, and embracing the concepts you can improve your expertise in the following areas:

Get Help

Getting professional review of your code is the best way to improve its quality and increase confidence. It is especially important for students and developers that adopt a new technology - it is very easy to make a wrong decision if the knowledge is not sufficient. As experienced developer I'm happy to help with C#, F#, Go, JavaScript (jquery, node.js, angular), C++.

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Code&Coffee - webinars and workshops where you can sharpen your skills and gain knowledge about up-to-date technologies: modern languages, trendy frameworks, and best practices. For the beginners it is an unique and rare opportunity to learn from the experienced developers. For the professionals it is an easy way to catch up something new.

On the upcoming webinars we will talk (in russian) about F#, .NET, JavaScript, and Go.

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I own a few open-source projects on GitHub and appreciate any help: Wiki articles with use cases, code reviews, proposals, and pull requests with bug fixes or improvements.

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