Scary Ghost

The Ghost team did a great job and the new editor is awesome. The design is cool. I especially like the night theme. Content migration was ok. But the update itself was a bit problematic. I have very small site but it took me several hours to go through the instructions before I had it upgraded.

There are some notes:

  • The default and recommended DB is MySQL, not SQLITE. That's for good, of course (using the file database for serving concurrent requests wasn't a very good idea anyway). It adds dependencies.
  • Installation requires sudo rights. Well, they can be given temporarily, but I had not them allowed for the site user. Had to go through the installation several times, trying to do it wihout superuser priveleges.
  • ghost-cli does not overwriting username and group for the security settings. I've tried to replace them, but then decided to keep the recommended values.
  • Themes are not easily upgradable. There is an instruction for that and even a tool that checks themes. But this tool had couple of dozens of warnings returned for Ghost's own default theme. So I had decided to just reapply the changes to the new default theme. Fortunately I have all my changes recorded. Still it took some time.
  • Some minor things like cleaning the existing post, removing existing user, updating Discuss, etc. Comments are lost, unfortunately.

At the end I think that result looks better than I thought it would be. The new version is very fast and easy to use.

Update: And the MathJax now works while browing from mobile as well! Excellent.