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HR F#: Lambda Calculus - Reductions #2

The second λ-calculus problem is following:

Reduce the following to no more than one term. If the expression cannot be reduced, enter "CAN'T REDUCE".
((λx.((λy.(x y)) x)) (λz.w))

Let's reduce the expressions:

  1. Framing parentheses are not required: (λx.((λy.(x y)) x)) (λz.w)
  2. Rewrite function body with the argument being substituted with the value: ((λy.((λz.w) y)) (λz.w)).
  3. Remove parentheses again: (λy.((λz.w) y)) (λz.w).
  4. And substitute again: (λz.w) (λz.w).
  5. Performing application gives just "free" variable w.

So the expression ((λx.((λy.(x y)) x)) (λz.w)) can be reduced to just w.

Alex Netkachov

Alex Netkachov

Alex likes functional programming and algorithms. Apart from programming, his favourites are walking with his family in the parks and national trails and reading about universe and history.

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