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HR F#: Filter Positions in a List

The next one is Filter Positions in a List:

For a given list with N integers, return a new list removing the elements at odd positions.

There are a few methods in the Seq module that looks relevant: iteri and mapi. They both apply the function considering the index of the item in the sequence. Probably filteri is exactly what is needed to solve the problem, but Seq does not have it. Let's create it then:

let filteri f s =
  |> Seq.mapi (fun i v -> (i, v))
  |> Seq.filter (fun v -> f (fst v) (snd v))
  |> Seq.map (fun v -> snd v)

fst and snd return first and second elements of a tuple.

Now let's use it in the main method to filter by index:

let main argv = 
    let items = readItemsFromInput ()
    |> filteri (fun i _ -> i % 2 = 1)
    |> Seq.iter (fun v -> printfn "%A" v)
    0 // return an integer exit code
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