Memory Leaks in .NET Applications


.NET runtime perfectly manages objects in memory and almost all the time the developers are free from thoughts about memory issues. But no developer can escape the moment when the OutOfMemory exception hits the application and this set of tutorials is about what the developer should check in the code to get rid of the memory issues.

The tutorial consists of four chapters. Chapter 1 contains explanation of what is memory leak in context of .NET framework and necessary software. Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5 demonstrate most common causes of the memory leaks: unsubscribed events, blocked finalization thread, assemblies in runtime, and large object heap fragmentation.

It will require about 2 hours (about 20 minutes for each chapter) to complete the tutorial. The subject is quite advanced so you need to have strong .NET skills to go through it on your own. Feel free to ask questions anytime while going through the tutorial by writing to

If you spot a mistype or a wording that require improvement, please send it to me - I will be happy to correct the tutorial.

Table of contents