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Easy Apache/PHP/MySQL install

Written on November 30, 2006 in php, project, mysql, apache

This page is about the unattended Apache/PHP/MySQL installer, which saves your time setting up the Apache/PHP/MySQL development environment.

Download Apache and PHP Installer Technical Preview 1 (~0.6Mb)


Counting times I have installed Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc, changed configuration, setup additional modules and so on, I decided to summarize my knowledge in this area and help myself and others to save our time. I created the installer, which primary goal is to provide the developer with command-line tools for basic Apache/PHP/MySQL management tasks. The second reincarnation of this tool-set was in a form of several JScript script files.

This a preview version of AMP installer and configurator. Although, it is very far from being a real time-proven and tested installation method, with your help and effort we can make it better.

How to install the AMP packages

First, check the latest version of the installer at this page. If there is any, download it.

Unpack the installer to the root folder of your disk. It will create "amp" folder with a few files and folders in it.

Now you have a number of options to select how AMP packages will be installed:

  1. You can just rename or move the folder to any location and run the "install.wsf" file.
  2. You can create AMP_FOLDER environment variable and then run install.wsf from the "amp" folder.

Whatever you prefer, you should run "install.wsf" to start the installation. But hold, first check settings in the "configuration.js" and "install.wsf" files. This is not a dummy "only one way" installer: if you want, you can change installation options such as default service names, ports, installed services, etc.

Note: Installer will download the latest versions of the packages it installs (~70Mb). So, your Internet connection should be up.

Alternativelly, if you had obtained the packages some other way, you can copy them into the "packages" folder and, in case their versions differ from ones in "install.wsf", change the "install.wsf" and "uninstall.wsf" files.

What you will have after you run "install.wsf" is:

Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2, latest PHP CHM manual, MySQL 5.0, and MySQL GUI Tools (which include MySQL Query Browser, MySQL Administrator and MySQL Workbench, a nice database modelling application) will be installed in you AMP folder. If you have IIS installed, Apache and IIS will share the same folder for projects (c:\inetpub\wwwroot) and Apache will listen port 8081. Otherwise, Apache will look for projects in AMP\host\localhost\htdocs folder and listen port 80.


  1. Installer for MySQL.ODBC.Connector.
  2. Installer for PHP IDE.
  3. Installers for CVS, SVN.
  4. Installers for modern PHP applications (Wordpress, phpbb, etc).

Download Apache and PHP Installer Technical Preview 1 (~0.6Mb)